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Insulation and Air Sealing Services to Solve Any Problem
The Solution for Colorado Comfort is Found at Rocky Mountain RetroFoam
Are you looking to improve the comfort of your home or other building? Look no further than Rocky Mountain RetroFoam - a foam insulation contractor serving Denver and the surrounding communities.

We all know that the Colorado climate can be uncompromising. The fluctuating elevation, varying moisture content, and drastic change in temperature from season-to-season or even day-to-day can all make a huge impact on the quality of comfort inside your home. One room might be too hot, thanks to the direct sunlight forcing radiant heat through your windows and walls, while another room might be too cold from lack of sunlight. But with our insulation products and services, we are able to effectively combat these elements and give you the comfortable home you’ve been longing for.

We believe in building science. We dive in deep and look at your home’s entire building envelope, and all the systems designed to control and maintain your living environment. Air leaks and poor insulation in your attic, crawl space, rim joists, basement, floors, and more can all play a huge factor in the overall climate control of your home. We dedicate ourselves to finding these problem areas to ensure they are fixed properly the first time. That way your home functions like a well-oiled machine that keeps you comfortable forever and ever.

Our Insulation and Air Sealing Services

Designed to Tackle the Toughest Comfort and Energy Efficiency Challenges


RetroFoam is the solution for poor wall insulation in existing homes, along with the comfort and energy efficiency problems that come with it. Our injection foam insulation gets into all the cracks and crevices other insulation products can’t, ensuring an air-tight seal in each wall cavity. This eco-friendly product is biodegradable and has no off-gassing.


Spray Foam works exactly as it sounds. This foam solution is an adhesive compound that, when sprayed, can seal the open cavities and crevasses throughout your home. We offer both open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation, depending on your specific needs. Spray foam is perfect for giving your house, pole barn, floors, and any open area an airtight seal.


If you’re looking for a budget solution for insulating the attic, we offer loose blown-in fiberglass insulation. Similar to the way we install spray foam, our loose blown-in fiberglass is designed to insulate your home from the forces of mother nature, all while keeping your conditioned air and heat trapped inside. While fiberglass won’t offer the same air-tight seal that spray foam does, it is another solution to certainly help with your home comfort and heating and cooling costs.


Air sealing allows us to pinpoint the exact places where your walls, windows, attics, basements, and floors are letting in outside air. This service makes it even easier to most accurately insulate every inch of your home to make sure all of the outside air stays out where it belongs.


We also offer additional services to complement our core insulation and air sealing offerings including:
- Home Energy Audits 
- Blower Door Tests
- Thermal Coatings
- Vapor Barriers
- Old Insulation Removal and Disposal
- Help with Xcel Energy Rebate Program

The Right Insulation Solutions to Get the Job Done Right

Residential or Commercial, Existing or New Construction

Working With Rocky Mountain RetroFoam

We Enjoy Solving Challenging Problems
We care about what we do and want to help you find the best solution for your needs. It’s our job to consult with you and find out what issues you're experiencing in your home, instead of just throwing a bandaid on a problem and walking away. That’s what salesmen do, and we’re not salesmen…we’re problem solvers.

We use a lot of different scientific methods and technology to provide the most thorough evaluation of every building. Whether it's a blower door test, thermal cameras to help us see through walls, smoke pins, energy audits, or even simply looking into the cavities to see what's actually there. As our customer, you can be sure that our attention to detail is what puts us above any other company out there.

We mandate that everything is done correctly the first time so that your needs don’t need to be met a second time. That’s the Rocky Mountain promise.
Lifetime Warranty
We offer a lifetime warranty on all products and labor, meaning that if our product fails, we'll go back out and we'll take care of it.

In addition, if something doesn’t feel right in an area that we insulated, you can be certain that we’re going back out for free in order to uncover the problem and find the solution to correct it.
  • "The crew came out on time and worked quickly and professionally. They used an infrared camera to check the fill in the wall cavities and filled any spots where the insulation was lacking. But the best part was the drastic difference in how often my heater came on and how long it took for my house to lose heat when the thermostat was turned down for the night." 


  • "Tim and Carla run a first-class business! Customer service is a huge deal for me when I choose a business to use and they did NOT disappoint me at all in that area! Also, as it relates to the product RMRF installs, it’s simply amazing at making a home extremely energy efficient! Our electric bills last summer were over $200/month and this summer in July our bill was $23! So for anyone considering this company or this product, don’t hesitate, just make the investment and start saving money with the help of this great company!"


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