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Pole Barn Spray Foam Insulation

Keep the Wind Out and Temperature Constant All Year
Why Insulate the Pole Barn?
A pole barn is more than just a storage area. In many ways, your pole barn is an extension of your home, and for some, it’s your “home away from home.” It’s your workshop, your shelter for your RV, or a safe haven for some of your most prized possessions. Regardless of how you use your pole barn, these structures require some of the same care you show your house, including insulation.

Regardless of how you use your pole barn, one question you should ask yourself when it comes to applying spray foam insulation is, “How am I going to use my pole barn?”

Determining the answer to this question can make a huge difference in both the installation process and the price of the installation. If you’re using your pole barn as a storage unit, one that doesn’t need to be climate controlled, then less spray foam insulation may be required. However, if you intend on using your pole barn for climate-controlled storage, or perhaps a workshop, complete with heating and air conditioning, you’re going to want to insulate it more extensively and treat it just like you would treat your home.

No matter how you plan to use the space, Rocky Mountain RetroFoam will make sure it's insulated properly.

Benefits of Pole Barn Spray Foam Insulation

There are many benefits to having your pole barn insulated with spray foam, especially in Colorado. It goes without saying that we live in a high desert. What we lack in trees we make up for with wind. Lots of wind. Having your pole barn insulated with spray foam can help with that.

Spray foam, especially closed cell, is going to give you the benefit of racking strength. Spray foam is going to help hold your pole barn up against a lot of the strong winds that we get in our most rural areas. It's also going to prevent strong winds from more easily seeping their way into the structure, making for a more comfortable working space and far more manageable climate-controlled environment.

Spray foam also helps regulate heat produced by heavy sunlight. As the sun bears down on the metal structure of your pole barn, it can increase the temperature inside immensely. Once we apply spray foam throughout the interior walls of your pole barn, it's going to stop that radiating heat transfer tremendously.


Improve the structural integrity of your pole barn with closed cell spray foam.


Spray foam will seal up and protect the pole barn from wind and drafts.


Keep consistent temperatures when heating and cooling the pole barn.


Spray foam helps you to use your pole barn to its full potential.

Process for Insulating the Pole Barn



Just as you would with your home, you want to ensure that everything is “walled-off” or covered properly, that could potentially get damaged by spray foam fragments. If you know of specific items you don’t want to get spray foam on, please remove them prior to our installation.

As mentioned previously, you will want to communicate with us just how you intend on using your pole barn. This will help us work with you to achieve the proper amount of insulation that should be applied within your pole barn.

2-Inch Thick Spray Foam - This is ideal for general storage purposes, creating an environment that does not need to be climate controlled.

3-Inch Thick Spray Foam - This is ideal for pole barns that require some form of climate control, whether for storage or your favorite workspace.



While spray foam is completely safe for all occupants, we don't want any people or pets inside your pole barn while we spray due to off-gassing from the product. For optimal safety, we make sure your HVAC system, if you have one, is turned off in your pole barn during the time we are spraying.



Upon completion, we will inform you how long your HVAC system should remain off, based upon what our calculations show that you need for proper air exchanges - usually an hour or two. Once that time has passed, feel free to turn on your HVAC system and return your previously removed possessions back in place.
  • "Wow, what a difference. We used to run two space heaters in the finished basement all winter. It was 1 degree a couple of weeks after install and we didn't need the space heaters! I've seen a huge drop in the electrical and gas bill already! We also did the unheated garage which adds about 15°. The noise-canceling is definitely an added bonus! Wonderful product, great crew, truly appreciate all their hard work."


Frequently Asked Questions
Do the major pole barn builders allow this with their warranties?
Most are great with it. The best practice is to confirm with the manufacturer prior to insulating.

Does the insulation flex with steel buildings?
Open Cell SPF does, but Closed Cell SPF keeps it tight and increases the racking strength of the structure as well.

Will it stick to the interior of a galvanized steel building?
We may have to spray a primer on first, but yes.

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