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Spray Foam Insulation vs. RetroFoam

The use of spray foam insulation has taken the do-it-yourself home improvement world by storm. Whether you’re scrolling through DIY Home Repair pins on Pinterest or watching home improvement tutorials on YouTube, you are sure to see spray foam insulation used at some point.

While spray foam insulation is a great option for new construction, when it comes to existing homes, it’s not the best choice for your insulation. Using spray foam for closed walls generally means tearing down the walls, which leads to a long, costly process.

An Energy Efficient Choice

The Department of Energy estimates Americans spend $2,000 every year on their energy bills. DOE studies show that between $200-$400 of that cost came from drafty homes or air leaks.

RetroFoam is a great solution to keep you from losing energy through your walls. With energy costs likely to increase, when you install RetroFoam, you can quickly recoup the cost by reducing your utility bills up to 50%. How, you may ask? RetroFoam stops air infiltration by sealing the wall cracks and crevices where air can enter or escape your home.

A Hassle-Free Installation Process

RetroFoam is typically installed from the outside of your home thereby eliminating the need to disturb the inside of your home. A RetroFoam technician drills small holes through the exterior of your home and into each wall cavity.  Then, RetroFoam is injected into each hole.  Once the entire wall cavity is completely filled, the holes are plugged, and the exterior of your home shows no signs of our installation process – it’s that simple!

Most RetroFoam installations can be completed in one day, allowing you to reap the benefits immediately. With RetroFoam, there is no need to tear open walls, move furniture, or create a mess inside your home.  RetroFoam is the hassle-free and mess-free solution to your insulation needs!

A Cost-Efficient Insulation

Due to its excellent insulating properties, RetroFoam will pay for itself by reducing your utility bills up to 50 percent Unlike spray foam insulation, you will not have any costs associated with tearing out walls or removing the old insulation when you install RetroFoam in your homeOur mess-free and hassle-free process significantly reduces the installation cost of upgrading your insulation, which makes RetroFoam the most cost-efficient choice for your thermal and acoustical insulation needs. RetroFoam is the home improvement that pays you back!

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